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June 24 23:31 2020
Creative Biolabs has been serving global customers with the high-end technical support of phage display & antibody library for over a decade now, and has gained rich experience in the construction of phage display library and customized phage display library screening.

New York, USA – June 24, 2020 – The interaction between protein to protein, protein to peptide, and protein to DNA has always been the technical gist of pharmaceutical research. The principal technical approach to study it is the phage display technology, an exogenous gene expression means that is realized through displaying the interest proteins (peptides, antibodies, scaffolds, or others) on the surface of employing phage, to connect genotype and phenotype. Creative Biolabs has developed a complete solution center regarding the phage display library technology that far exceeds conventional hybridoma methods, and is competent to handle screening and construction of phage display library services, all of which can be customized accordingly in a “one-stop” manner to provide omnidirectional support for customers’ research projects.

Phage library screening-high affinity and specificity guaranteed

Biopanning means is utilized to detect the interaction between the displayed proteins and other molecules or isolate specific target binders, a preparatory screening technology. To cater to the various research purposes, Creative Biolabs tailors the services by accepting libraries either from clients, or in-house pre-made libraries, covering the purified/unpurified targets, intact cells, tissues and any other in vivo targets, and by adopting different technologies (solid-phase screening, solution sorting screening, or in vivo/ex vivo screening) to meet with every research project.

Phage library construction-comprehensive types offered

Based upon the phage systems (M13, T4, and T7), the scientific team are fully competent to construct antibody library (immune, naïve, semi-synthetic, synthetic), scaffold library, peptide Library (Naïve, Semi-synthetic), cDNA library, and customized genome library that covers more than 95% of the genomic DNA, chromosomes or microbes.

Technology Highlights:

The phage display library technology adopted is as powerful as it can develop novel monoclonal antibodies and even the fully human antibody. Supported by a group of experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs can help customers obtain the high-affinity antibodies from hosts like monkey, llama, or camel, through the M13, T4 or T7 phage display systems, whose capacity can reach 10 to the 12th. Biopanning means is utilized to detect the interaction between the displayed proteins and other molecules or isolate specific target binders.

The competence of Creative Biolabs on the phage technology has won this booming enterprise a good reputation globally, which spurs innovation and advancements at this dedicated CRO. More information about the technology can be accessed at https://www.creative-biolabs.com.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs, a biotech CRO specialized in the field of antibody, has accumulated good evaluation in the industry, which can not be separated from its advanced technologies, dedicated scientists, and most important of all, the service concept of customized solutions.

Since its establishment in 2004, Creative Biolabs has entered its 16th year of operation, and expanded its service portfolio to mouse and rat monoclonal antibody production using hybridoma technology, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production using various antibody library technologies (including phage display, bacterial display, and yeast display).

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