After struggling with bipolar disorder and anxiety, Artist Chill Nye is making his mark in the industry with his Alt Emo Hip Hop music

May 26 22:09 2020

Chill Nye is a talented artist, who’s rapidly paving his way through the music industry with his alt emo Hip Hop music. Having struggled with bipolar disorder, addiction, and severe anxiety, the artist discovered music as a great outlet for his deep-rooted emotions and the things he couldn’t say before. This is one reason that he can connect with many of his fans, via his evocative lyrical prowess and powerful vocal delivery.

As a kid, Chill Nye listened to a lot of grunge, shoegaze and emo bands such as Nirvana, Hum, and My chemical romance before finding inspirations in bands like Cloakroom, Nothing, and Whirr, as he grew older. He was particularly fascinated by the Lofi shoegaze bands who used a lot of distortions and reverb. Nye’s interest in Hip Hop was fueled by the legendary artists like Nas, Mac Miller, Xxxtencion and Lil Peep.

Chill Nye majorly creates music in the Hip Hop genre and his music often features a lot of Lo-Fi slow instrumentals, accompanied by low synth or emo guitar riffs and a nice baseline.

“At the age of 17, I was sectioned for the first time, and during my two week hospitalization I began writing poetry every day. It was the only safe way I found to cope with my addiction and which helped me acknowledge the problems I had. I wrote to help myself and hopefully help others and so I eventually began to record and release my music.”

Chill Nye will soon be releasing his second EP, with several upbeat and melodic songs. Sending a message to his fans, the artist further adds, “I know the comfort music can bring you in those trying times and I just want you to know that even if you feel it, you’re truly never alone. I understand entirely and have been there and found solace in music, and that’s all I truly hope to bring with my music, is comfort and relation to those who need it.”

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