Introducing Faith Tribe Ambassadors: Shaping the Future of Fashion

September 15 13:30 2023

Dubai – September 14, 2023 – Faith Tribe Ltd. is thrilled to present its inaugural cohort of Ambassadors, emblematic of the vibrant Faith Tribe community. This momentous occasion coincides with the eagerly anticipated launch of the Faith Tribe membership platform, set to revolutionize the fashion landscape. Members will gain exclusive access to a cutting-edge phygital utility toolkit, pioneering solutions for fashion production and distribution, and captivating content curated by industry visionaries. Most significantly, this platform will be a crucible for fostering both physical and digital collaborations among fashion innovators, amplifying the ethos of Faith Connexion. The selection of these four Ambassadors underscores their unwavering commitment to the core principles of Faith Tribe.

Maria Buccellati, Faith Tribe Co-founder and Faith Connexion President, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “We are truly elated by the diversity of experiences our Ambassadors bring. Their spirit of collaboration perfectly embodies our mission to advance collective design, as pioneered by Faith Connexion.”

Andrea Abrams, Faith Tribe Chief of Strategy, added, “These Ambassadors are leaders within their domains, ready to impart groundbreaking techniques and entrepreneurial wisdom to our community. They view technology and sustainable practices as essential pillars of success, making them ideal torchbearers for our platform’s mission.”

Without further ado, meet the trailblazing Faith Tribe Ambassadors:

1. Alexandre Bertrand: A Parisian fashion virtuoso, stylist extraordinaire, and the Head of Design at Faith Connexion.

2. Winston Bartholomew III: A luminary in the world of streetwear, style maven, and the visionary Founder of House of Bartholomew.

3. Nayibe Warchausky: A jewelry virtuoso, trained architect, and the imaginative Founder of Warchausky Design Studio, celebrated for sculptural “wearable art.”

4. Andrea Albrizio: The maverick phygital fashion designer, Augmented Reality trailblazer, and Founder of Arnt Real, whose creative prowess defies convention.

Alexandre Bertrand’s fashion odyssey commenced in Paris, where he served as a stylist for prestigious magazines before evolving into the realm of image and communication for Faith Connexion, ultimately ascending to the role of Head of Design.

Winston Bartholomew, known affectionately as Barth, embarked on a career in architecture but underwent a seismic shift towards fashion two decades ago. His streetwear empire, built on on-demand manufacturing and visionary styling, gained recognition through collaborations with luminaries like Snoop Dogg and Fivio Foreign, as chronicled in HBO’s “The Hype, Season 2.”

Nayibe Warchausky, hailing from Venezuela, brings her architectural and sculptural expertise to the world of jewelry design. Her avant-garde approach redefines jewelry as “wearable art” through innovative material deconstruction and reconstruction.

Andrea Albrizio, based in the fashion capital of Paris, embarked on his creative journey at a tender age, designing, manufacturing, and selling his first fashion creations while still in high school. His debut collection at age 17 took social media by storm, later earning a coveted spot on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar and a feature in Vogue.

Faith Tribe is committed to unveiling four new Ambassadors every six months, accompanied by an array of activities, product launches, and collaborative events featuring these Ambassadors and their contributions to the Faith Tribe ecosystem. To inaugurate this partnership, Faith Tribe will proudly host the Phygital Fashion Show during Digital Fashion Week NYC on September 9th in New York City. During the event, Andrea Abrams and Maria Buccellati will introduce Winston Bartholomew and Andrea Albrizio, unveiling their groundbreaking phygital collections.

Wahid Chammas, Faith Tribe Co-founder, concluded by affirming, “We are spearheading a fashion revolution. Our platform democratizes access to top-tier tools, leadership, and coaching essential for successful business planning. Our comprehensive solutions empower independent designers to navigate the intricacies of manufacturing and distribution, setting a new standard for the industry.”

About Faith Tribe:

Faith Tribe stands as the ultimate marketplace for state-of-the-art phygital tools and services tailored to the fashion industry. It operates as a membership platform, offering fashion creators the gateway to innovative technology and business solutions for design, collaboration, manufacturing, and distribution. Rooted in the principles of Web3, both off-chain and on-chain solutions, and dedicated to sustainability, the Faith Tribe ecosystem aims to elevate productivity and commercial success for creators hailing from diverse backgrounds.

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