Hertz Ai Car Company’s Intelligent Cars Successfully Tested in Mexico, Ushering in a New Milestone for Future Mobility

September 15 11:09 2023

Hertz Ai Car Company has held an important test event in the advanced testing ground of InnoDrive located in the outskirts of Mexico City, demonstrating their latest AI Navigator E1 model of intelligent car which is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technology, marking a new era in intelligent mobility.

The test event was conducted at the advanced testing ground of InnoDrive, which is located about 50 kilometers north of Mexico City and covers an area of over 1000 acres. The advanced testing ground is equipped with various road conditions, including highways, city roads, mountain roads, and complex weather conditions, providing ideal conditions for comprehensive performance testing of the AI Navigator E1. The test event lasted for a week and covered various aspects, including driving stability, fuel efficiency, safety performance, and most notably, artificial intelligence applications.

The AI Navigator E1 performed excellently during the test, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Its AI system showed excellent performance in areas such as autonomous driving, intelligent navigation, and vehicle health monitoring. The vehicle demonstrated highly intelligent autonomous driving capabilities, able to navigate on different traffic conditions independently, interact with other vehicles, and adjust its route in real-time to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. The AI Navigator E1 was also able to monitor the performance of the vehicle in real-time, detecting potential issues and taking measures to maintain it, reducing maintenance and downtime.

It is worth mentioning that Hertz Ai Car Company has already put this advanced model into production and has started mass production at their factory in Tlaxcoapan, Mexico. The factory is located in the northwest of Mexico and covers an area of over 300 acres with an annual production expected to reach 200,000 vehicles. This decision was supported by the Mexican government, including tax breaks and loan assistance, to promote the development of advanced intelligent car technology and contribute to the local economy at the same time. This will help to improve the intelligence level of the automotive industry and accelerate the development of intelligent mobility.

In exciting news, Hertz Ai Car Company has announced that they have received a $200 million investment from billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Musk stated that he is deeply interested in Hertz Ai Car Company’s technological innovation and intelligent mobility vision and is confident about the future development of the mobility field. This investment will further strengthen the company’s competitiveness in the global intelligent mobility market and promote the rapid development of intelligent car technology.

The successful testing of Hertz Ai Car Company’s AI Navigator E1 in Mexico has demonstrated its excellent technological strength. The production of this model and the support of the Mexican government mark a significant breakthrough in the field of intelligent cars. At the same time, Musk’s investment has brought more resources and opportunities to the company, which is expected to accelerate the future development of intelligent mobility. This series of progress will further promote the growth of the global intelligent mobility market and bring users a more efficient and intelligent travel experience.

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