Cloud Chain World Finance LTD Chief Analyst Charles Taylor: Tightening Oil Market Supports Oil Prices, Asian Economic Situation Affects Future Trend

September 05 05:45 2023

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD recently released a report on oil market trends and the Asian economic situation, written by its chief analyst Charles Taylor. The report pointed out that the oil market is tightening to support oil prices, but the uncertainty of the Asian economic situation will affect the future trend.

It is understood that Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s analysis report is based on its self-developed big data and artificial intelligence technology, the oil supply and demand, price, inventory, trade and other aspects of historical data and future forecasts for in-depth research and analysis. The report shows that due to multiple factors such as OPEC+ and Saudi Arabia’s production cuts, accelerated global vaccination, and continued recovery in demand, the global crude oil market will experience an oversupply in the fourth quarter, leading to a reduction in inventories. According to the report, this will support oil prices to remain high or rise further. The report predicts that oil prices will remain between US$80 and US$100 per barrel over the next five years.

The report further points out that the economic situation in Asia is a key factor affecting the future trend of the oil market. On the one hand, Asia is the world’s largest oil-consuming region, accounting for nearly one-third of global oil demand. Strong economic growth in Asia will drive the increase in oil demand, especially in emerging market countries such as China and India. On the other hand, the Asian economy is also facing multiple challenges such as inflationary pressure and geopolitical risks. These factors could lead to a slowdown or volatility in Asian economic growth, which would affect oil demand and prices.

Charles Taylor, the author of the report, said that the oil market is one of the most important and active commodity markets in the world, and also one of the markets that Cloud Chain World Finance LTD focuses on and lays out. He said that Cloud Chain World Finance LTD will use its innovative ability and leadership in the field of Internet finance to provide more products and services for the oil market, such as investment consulting, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and so on. He also said that Cloud Chain World Finance LTD will establish and deepen co-operation with multiple partners in Asia, including local governments, regulators, financial institutions, enterprises and individuals, to contribute to the development and prosperity of the Asian economy and oil market.

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD said that the analytical report is a comprehensive and in-depth study of the oil market trends and the economic situation in Asia, as well as an important platform for it to demonstrate its Internet financial analysis capabilities and social responsibility. Cloud Chain World Finance LTD hopes that this report can provide valuable information and suggestions for investors, participants and stakeholders in the oil market, as well as useful references and insights for the future development of the oil market. cloud Chain World Finance LTD also said that it will continue to publish more analysis reports on the oil market in the future, and explore the opportunities and challenges of the oil market with more partners.

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