SoluteLabs’ client Amagi, a Media SaaS Unicorn, launches CONNECT: A Global Online FAST Marketplace

June 01 15:32 2023

Amagi, India’s first media SaaS unicorn, announced the launch of Amagi CONNECT, an end-to-end Free Ad-Support Streaming TV (FAST) marketplace, that bridges the gap between content providers and distributors.

Amagi approached SoluteLabs to develop CONNECT in early 2022. CONNECT is designed to facilitate the discovery, connection, and monetization of digital content thereby bridging the gap between channel providers and platform partners.

SoluteLabs built a web platform that enables Amagi to offer a catalog of FAST channels accessible across multiple platforms, including connected TVs and virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs), OTT apps, telcos, and pay-TV providers. And make the connection requests between content partners and distributor platforms.

The platform also has a feature called the FAST Delivery Tracker that enables platforms and content partners to track the status of their channel deliveries in real time. CONNECT also provides a performance overview for each region and genre to optimize the content and drive revenue growth.

Before its official launch in April, Amagi CONNECT ran a pilot program for four months which had more than 150 Content Partners, 600 New Channel Deliveries, and Millions of Hours of View.

Amagi CONNECT has won the Content Innovation Award 2022 for its fresh take on content distribution. The award is a recognition for Amagi’s transformative channel discovery and distribution solutions, which fast-tracked VIDAA’s evolution in the Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV arena.

SoluteLabs worked with Amagi to create an agile team that consisted of Backend Developers (NodeJS with NestJS, GraphQL, Hasura, Mysql, Psql), Frontend Developers (ReactJS with NextJS), Quality Assurance Testers (Manual QA), DevOps and Cloud Engineers (Terraform-Infrastructure, AWS Cloud, CI/CD), Architects, UI/UX Designers (UX Research, Design System, Wireframe, UI Design & Prototyping), and Project Manager.

“Our journey with AMAGI in developing AMAGI CONNECT has been truly remarkable. Together, we have redefined content distribution, empowering both content providers and distributors. I am immensely proud of our talented team at SoluteLabs for their dedication and innovative spirit in bringing this game-changing platform to life. We continue to keep on working on such great products and grow our partnership.” – Karan Shah, CEO, SoluteLabs

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