Grace SHI Honored as Honorary Chair of the Official Preparatory Event “Les Journées de L’Héritage Sportif” for the Paris 2024 Olympics

May 30 19:01 2023


Paris-On May 19th, Grace Shi, Secretary-General and Spokesperson of the International Institute of Wellbeing (IIWB), was appointed as the Honorary Chair of “Les Journées de L’Héritage Sportif”. The event was co-organized by the founder of Les Journées de L’Héritage Sportif, Mr. Mame-Ibra Anne, and Juliette Armand, Chair of the Temporary Grand Palace(Grand Palais Éphémère), with special cooperation from the Paris City Government. As one of the official events for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the event attracted numerous guests.

IIWB, founded by Dr. ZHANG Dazhun, a Ph.D. in psychology, is a non-profit association headquartered in Paris that places high value on international exchanges in the fields of education and healthcare. Its aim is to create an open, equal, harmonious, and loving platform for global elites from various fields. IIWB also actively engages in charitable endeavors, seeking to promote wellbeing for all humanity through charitable means.

In her speech, Grace Shi emphasized the power of sports to change the world and its motivational impact on individuals. She highlighted the development of personal potential, the recognition of human limitations, and the importance of individual education through sports. Grace Shi pointed out that in the current post-pandemic era, sports, especially team sports, are crucial for our social communities.

As the Honorary Chair of Les Journées de L’Héritage Sportif, Grace Shi pledged to promote and popularize sports knowledge. She also emphasized the significance of the 2024 Paris Olympics, stating that it would be of historic importance. Grace Shi emphasized that the Olympics can play a key role in societal reconstruction and spiritual recovery after the pandemic, promoting mental health, cultural and memory preservation, as well as inclusivity and cooperation.

Grace Shi called for the integration of sports into daily life to promote good mental health. She further proposed the protection of traditional sporting events, the commemoration of sports heroes, the creation of literature and artworks related to sports themes, and the organization of thematic exhibitions.

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