The Best Toilet Brush for the Bathroom

April 21 03:26 2023

Many people know the importance of cleaning the toilet as there are many germs that thrive in the warm, moist environment of the toilet.

But there are too many types of toilet brushes on the market. Often when they pick a toilet brush, they are likely to consider only the price or the ease of purchase.

A good toilet brush and disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner will help keep harmful germs and bacteria out of the home. In addition, this toilet brush should make cleaning easier and reduce the amount of time needed to clean.

Try this ESTELLO toilet brush that is worth a slightly larger investment.

Unlike traditional toilet brushes with ordinary bristles, this one uses silicone bristles. One of the advantages of silicone is that it is naturally antibacterial, which means that it kills germs and bacteria that can cause harm.

Brush density, material and length

In terms of brush stiffness and softness, this brush is made of tough TPR material and is relatively thick and long enough to hit the curved and hidden parts of the toilet bowl. And the bristles are strong enough to loosen dirt, but not so hard that it’s difficult to manipulate or scratch the toilet. Because of its silicone material, dirt and foreign objects do not easily remain. Simply rinse the brush head to remove dirt. Save time in solving cleaning problems.

Brush head flexibility

This flat shaped brush head can be bent to reach those hard to reach places like under the rim of the toilet as well as cover all sides of the toilet without too much wrist acrobatics. Since the shape of this brush is very different from standard brushes, this may require a slight adjustment in cleaning technique, but the effort is worth it for the improved cleanliness of the toilet and the longevity of the brush.

Durable and suitable handle

The length of this handle is about 16 inches and is made of PP material that has a good grip and prevents the brush from slipping out of your hand and spilling flower dew while cleaning. In addition, this material prevents rusting over time.

Ventilated base

The drip tray on the base keeps the floor dry and prevents the brush from coming into contact with any lost water. The brush with vents allows unpleasant odors to evaporate rather than smothering them in the bottom of a sealed container.

Wall Mount & Floor-standing

Here are two ways to place this toilet brush. It can be placed directly on the floor or the base can be fixed to the wall through an adhesive. Either way, because this toilet brush is compact enough, it will save space.

Q. How to use a toilet brush?

The toilet brush is used to clean the inside of the toilet. Pour the cleaner into the toilet bowl, wait a few minutes, and then brush the toilet bowl with the toilet brush. Pay special attention to the top rim (under the toilet seat) and the hole at the bottom. When done, flush the toilet.

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