EP Cube Helps Maximize Solar Economics in California under NEM 3.0

April 18 15:49 2023

California’s new Net Energy Metering (NEM3.0) policy has come into effect from April 15, 2023. Under NEM3.0, the bill credits that home solar owners receive for excess electricity they push onto the electric grid will be significantly reduced.

According to preliminary analysis, the export rate for residential solar electricity decreases by around 75%, from an average of 30 cents per kWh to 8 cents per kWh, far lower than the retail rate. This means that after NEM3.0 is implemented, home solar owners will earn little from pushing their excess electricity onto the electric grid.

With NEM3.0 coming into effect, how to make the most of the excess electricity? The EP Cube household energy storage battery offers a solution for homeowners. Its energy storage battery is designed to store excess solar power for use at night or on cloudy days. In this way, home solar owners can use more solar power, buy less power from the electric grid, and become more independent in energy use.

This combined use of solar energy and EP Cube will allow home solar owners to generate more solar power for daily use, thus making up for the loss of return under NEM3.0, maximizing the ROI of solar energy systems, and effectively reducing carbon emissions.

Since its launch in the US last year, EP Cube has quickly won market recognition and built a reputation for its streamlined design, flexibility, and reliable functions.

“What impresses me most is that EP Cube supports direct connection to DC from the solar PV panel. It avoids energy loss from repeated conversion from DC to AC or AC to DC”, explained Mike while talking about how EP Cube stores energy efficiently. Mike is an early adopter and engineer who works for a solar power company.

EP Cube has a built-in hybrid inverter and supports the connection to DC from the solar PV panel, AC input from existing PV panels, and the grid. It has 4 MPPT connections and a maximum of 16 amp input, so it can improve energy storage capacity and cut energy loss owing to AC-DC conversion. With EP Cube, users can connect to more PV panels and store more solar power to ensure energy security.

EP Cube’s strong flexibility is even more striking. Its capacity can be quickly expanded by stacking battery modules, which can be connected to both EV charging piles and electric generators. In case of extended disruptions of the grid caused by severe weather, it can also function as backup power for household loads after being charged by the generator, thereby avoiding the loud noise from the operation of a generator. Thus, adding EP Cube household energy storage battery to your solar energy system is easy and beneficial, as compatibility is not a problem which, in turn, guarantees a constant flow of clean energy.

California encourages solar power users to use energy storage batteries. EP Cube is expected to ride the surge in market demand as homeowners become increasingly aware of the value of home energy storage batteries.

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