Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya Completes Integration of AllOfce.Space

April 18 14:40 2023

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – 18 April, 2023 – Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya, an established commercial real estate corporation serving Asia with headquarters in Kazakhstan, has announced the successful completion of the integration of the AllOfce.Space technology platform into their company profle. The acquisition took place in early 2022 for an undisclosed amount, estimated to be around $4 million USD.

The integration process focused on leveraging the technology platform and backend systems of AllOfce.Space to enhance the overall profle and offerings of Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya. This move positions the company as a strong contender in the commercial real estate market, particularly in the urban ofce business park sector. 

Andrey Ivanov, CEO of Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya, said, “We are thrilled to have completed the integration of AllOfce.Space into our company profle. This strategic acquisition will enable us to expand our presence in the market and offer our clients a wider range of services and options for their ofce space needs.”

The integration of the AllOfce.Space technology platform also marks a signifcant milestone for Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya as they continue to expand their portfolio and strengthen their position in the commercial real estate industry.

For more information, please visit the Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya website at www.gobpk.kz.

About Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya

Gorodskoy Ofsnyy Biznes-Park Korporatsiya is an established commercial real estate corporation in Asia, headquartered in Kazakhstan, specialising in urban ofce business parks. With a diverse portfolio of properties and a commitment to excellence, the company strives to provide exceptional ofce space solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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