CROTONMOVIE LTD, a World-Renowned Multinational Giant, Officially Expands into the Middle East Market

April 14 21:36 2023

Croton Movie (CM) was established in 2012 and is headquartered in London, UK. is the leading online aggregator of movie and TV show reviews, providing moviegoers with a comprehensive guide to what’s new and bad in theaters and at home. The CM platform will officially enter the Middle East market in 2023, and is committed to the promotion and promotion of film and television works. It has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with many film and television companies around the world, and currently serves four major international film and television companies: Universal Pictures, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Warner.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and inflation in recent years, the economies of different countries around the world have declined, and the overall consumption has shrunk. In order to reinvigorate the development of the film industry, major film and television companies have chosen to cooperate with CM Group. In order to increase the box office and votes, CM Group received cooperation requests from the four major film and television companies to help them complete this task. Now, because CM Group’s professional film critics cannot complete a large number of tasks, they choose to recruit more part-time film critics online.

CM’s work

Croton Movie (CM) is a world-renowned film and television media company, and it is proud to grow and build a global presence. CM provides intelligent promotion and advertising services for more than 20 world-leading film and television companies, and handle more than 10 million advertising clicks and movie viewers every day.

CM’s online staff  

Croton Movie (CM) currently has more than 1 million online part-time film critics engaged in film and television promotion around the world.

CM’s purpose 

Croton Movie (CM) supports more than 20 global film and television companies including Universal Pictures, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner. Increase the number of viewers, votes and high-quality comments of film and television works, thereby increasing the box office of film and television works.

Croton Movie (CM) is a comprehensive service platform that provides advertising services for global film and television works. Suitable for actors who have just debuted, new directors, and private personalized services. At the same time, CM provides a variety of business tools, free and timely market information and 24/7 online support to escort customers’ film and television communication and employees’ career planning!

7*24 hours online customer service, answering questions for users anytime, anywhere!

CM’s achievements

In 2021, the cumulative turnover of Croton Movie (CM) has exceeded 20 billion US dollars. At present, it has millions of active users in 40 countries around the world, and major film and television companies have achieved great success in the film and television industry through cooperation with CM Group. More than half of the employees have also achieved true financial freedom. For this reason, CM is very proud, and will grow together with all customers and achieve greater achievements!

CM’s plan

In 2023, officially launched business cooperation in the Middle East, and plans to complete the listing in 2024, CM Group will reach a new height!

CM’s commitment

Is determined to provide promotion services for more film and television works, provide employment opportunities for more people, and let more people no longer worry about unemployment.

At the same time, contribute to global public good: narrowing the poverty gap and strengthening basic education. Participate for all mankind.

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