To celebrate its 7th anniversary, XTrend Speed unveils the world’s first zero-cost trading model

April 14 17:30 2023

On the occasion of celebrating its 7th anniversary, XTrend Speed unveils the zero-cost trading model to lower trading costs in all respects. 

Upholding the principle of “everyone invests”, XTrend Speed has kept more than 100 million clients engaged within seven years, and won six awards including Best Mobile Broker Award – Europe in 2022. Thanks to clients’ trust and support, it has expanded its business to the whole world. It will continue to optimize products with gratitude to meet clients’ needs.

As the economic picture in the world poses challenges, XTrend Speed meets challenges head-on and carry out an innovation without delay in view of increasing competition. It sizes the opportunities in innovation to unveil zero-cost trading model. Moreover, trading cost is also one of clients’ concerns. Zero-cost trading model and clients’ demands for it support XTrend Speed setting a five-year strategic target – lower trading costs in all respects:

Price/Cost: XTrend Speed offers flexible low-cost trading model. Clients can choose a zero-spread trading model or a zero-commission trading model in their preferences.

XTrend Speed has launched a zero-spread trading account or a zero-commission account. Clients can choose one in their preferences. It will also introduce the follow-up zero-spread and zero-commission account where investors can execute zero-spread trades without commissions. It will be the world’s first broker offering zero-cost trading model.

However, investors, who would like to experience zero-spread and zero-commission trading model ahead of schedule, can unlock zero-cost trading by keeping the equity at or above US$50,000. Clients eligible for this can contact your personal account manager to get the privilege of executing zero-spread trades with zero commission. Just get started!

Notes: Client funds, separate from broker funds, are kept in segregated accounts, thus ensuring client funds security.

National Level: XTrend Speed will launch zero-spread trading model or zero-commission trading model in Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions or countries one after one.

It regards Hong Kong and Singapore as prime pilot areas, Italy, Spain and other European areas as major pilot areas, and Malaysia and India as special pilot areas. It makes zero-commission trading or zero-spread trading universal and sustainable through the modular world.

Information/Services: To improve clients’ success rates, XTrend Speed has established offices around the world. As a result, it provides services to them in their own language.

It helps clients lower trading costs in all respects. It not only offers zero spread and zero commission, but also boosts success rates for clients at their source. It has its official Telegram Group where clients can receive real-time information including trading strategies, which will significantly boost clients’ success rates.

It provides local and personal customer services to improve services quality and efficiency.

About XTrend Speed

XTrend Speed is a authorized financial service provider in South Africa, and is regulated by FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) under the FSP license number 23497.

In 2022, XTrend Speed won 6 awards including Best Forex Trading App – Asia and Best Mobile Broker Award – Europe. More than 3000 users write reviews about XTrend Speed on Trustpilot (a review platform) where a rating is 4.8 of 5.0.

XTrend Speed provides more than 460 instruments related to Forex, commodity, index and stock. It pushes small investment (invest from $2) and features such functions as Watch Live that livestreams the market analysis, Starters School, News, Copy Trading. With the help of these, both novices and masters can find investment that works for them in XTrend Speed.

In addition, XTrend Speed has been active in sports industry. In the second half of 2022, it sponsored ACF Fiorentina (2022-2023 season), indicating it markets its brand from online to offline, so as to further increase its influence and expand its user community.

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