Get ready for the global sensation of 2023: Time Farm, the blockchain game Detail Introduction.

April 13 22:55 2023

What is Time Farm?

Time Farm is a blockchain game based on the FSC intelligent chain. The game is very interesting, and players will each have their own on-chain kingdom, where they will have a complete set of on-chain industries such as farms, ranches, breeding facilities, mines, and more. Once you have this complete set of industries, you can earn considerable profits through farming, alchemy, mining, and other industries here, which means you can play and earn money at the same time!

Most people may have heard of the term “Chain Games”, but many may not understand what it really means. In fact, chain games, also known as “Gamefi,” differ from traditional games in that they run on the blockchain. The game scenes, NFT equipment, and game tokens all exist on the blockchain. Even if the game reaches a closed loop at a certain point in time, players’ game assets can still be used to develop new games through on-chain contracts, continuing to give them value.

New players who are just getting into Gamefi may not know where to start playing blockchain games. Without taking the first step, they may feel stuck outside of the walls of the game. So, in the following passage, we will officially explain how to play and earn money in Time Farm, the upcoming blockchain game that is about to take the world by storm.

Introduction to participating in Time Farm.

1. Time Farm game scenes

Time Farm game scenes are divided into four categories: food, construction materials, mining, and casting.

2. Register for an FSC wallet.

Before starting the game, you need to prepare an FSC blockchain wallet and purchase the necessary asset tokens.

3. Recharge the corresponding tokens for game materials into the game.

For example, if you want to play the food scene, you need to first recharge with gold and crystal materials, and then synthesize equipment in the warehouse.

4. Wear the equipment.

After synthesizing the hunting gun, you need to click on the warehouse to wear it. Once the hunting gun is successfully equipped, the equipment will automatically appear in the food scene.

5. Use the equipment.

After exchanging for energy, you need to use the equipment in the scene. Each time you use it, you will receive the income generated by the equipment.

Economic model.

There are four material assets in the Time Farm game: Gold, Food, Wood, and Crystal.

Material functionality introduction:

Gold: During the use of equipment, different equipment has different durability. You can repair the durability of the equipment with Gold. The durability of each type of equipment can be viewed in the equipment warehouse. Creating nodes also requires Gold. In addition, Gold is also one of the necessary materials for synthesizing equipment. You can obtain Gold by creating Foundry equipment.

Food: During the use of equipment, different equipment consumes different energy points. You can restore stamina with Food (note: energy is a consumable item, not equipment, not an asset, and cannot be traded or converted). Currently, 1 Food equals 1 energy. You can obtain Food material through three types of equipment: Civilian Shotgun, Farm, and Food Factory.

Wood: So far, the only use for Wood is to synthesize equipment, and it is the main material for synthesizing equipment. You can obtain Wood material through three types of equipment: Logging Saw, Logging Truck, and Material Factory.

Crystal: So far, the only use for Crystal is to synthesize equipment, and it is the main material for synthesizing equipment. You can obtain Crystal material through two types of equipment: Quarry Machine and Mine.

In simple terms, users can produce corresponding materials in the corresponding scenes by synthesizing equipment, and each material is an asset. Unlike traditional games, the equipment you synthesize is always yours and always on the blockchain. As long as you keep your private key safe, no one can take your equipment. If you want to sell your equipment, you can put it on the NFT trading market for sale and get a handsome return. And the material assets you previously produced with the equipment still belong to you, which means you not only gain game profits, but also profits from selling NFTs. It’s a win-win situation for users.

In the Time Farm game, players can benefit themselves in several ways, including:

1. Getting and selling material assets for income (investment and monetization)

2. Producing materials in one to four scenes by selecting a scene of their choice (working and producing material income)

3. Trading synthesized equipment on the NFT market (NFT income)

4. Establishing or joining a node to receive node bonus rewards (node income).

Time Farm is not only a highly popular blockchain farming game, but it also deeply integrates NFT, DeFi, and gaming to create a surprising world of blockchain gaming for its users. The Time Farm game interface is exquisite, fun, and easy to get started with, creating a surprising world of blockchain for users to enjoy the fun while earning money effortlessly.

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