My Memoir Maker is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

April 13 14:44 2023

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and one may be wondering what to get her this year. My Memoir Maker has created the perfect gift for mothers who have a whole lifetime of stories to tell and don’t know where to begin.

My Memoir Maker has put great care and thought into developing the perfect system to get your mother reflecting on her life with writing prompts.  The prompts are designed to conjure up the images of the fondest memories, challenges and accomplishments. The best part is that these stories your mother writes will be put into a beautiful hardcover book for the whole family to treasure.

It’s a simple process that requires no more than fifteen minutes per week. By responding to email prompts each week, your mother will build her own memoir book complete with photographs she may choose to include.

Once your mother gets through all the prompts in 40 weeks and has shared her photographs, the book writes itself literally. Your mother will receive a beautiful hardcover book of her own stories. My Memoir Maker clients have also ordered multiple copies of their mothers’ books for other family members to enjoy.

My Memoir Maker clients have so far commented on how much they learned about their mothers’ lives and how the book their mother created has become a loved family treasure for the older and younger generations alike. My Memoir Maker has made it their purpose to connect the older generations and the younger generations through real life stories. My Memoir Maker clients have also noted greater joy within their families, stronger family bonds and a greater curiosity about each other’s lives through having undergone the book writing process with their mothers.

This Mother’s Day give her the gift of her life. She’s given you your life, raised you and now it’s her turn to reflect on and witness what an incredible life she’s led and what extraordinary feats she’s achieved over the years. My Memoir Maker makes it easy to give your mother the time with herself, writing and creating the most precious book there is to read.

And truly, what can be a more meaningful gift than the story of one’s life? A life lived with care and presence is so much more compelling than anything TV, social media or Netflix can come up with. The people who created My Memoir Maker are certain of this. If you try My Memoir Maker for 30 days and don’t agree with us that it’s the best Mother’s Day present, My Memoir Maker will happily return your money, no questions asked.

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