Mao Libin, committed to the development of world agricultural technology with his patented designs and products

April 11 23:57 2023

In line with rapid population growth, the demand for food will surge 70% by 2050. A UN study found that about 9.9% of the world’s population still goes hungry, so the thought of feeding almost 10 billion mouths is a daunting prospect. With environmental changes hard to predict, people must turn to innovation in agriculture technology. Thankfully, the signs so far offer hope. They don’t have to wait three decades to see how innovative agricultural solutions can influence human life in the future.

Irrigation is a vital method of providing water to drylands suffering insufficient rainfall in order to make them arable. However, while this is a crucial aspect of farming today, the same old staff for field irrigation, which was adopted by Mesopotamians 4,000 years ago, is still in service and wasting over two-thirds of the globe’s water. The weakness of flood irrigation also sticks out when it overwaters plants, affecting their growth. It could also carry excess fertilizers into streams and lakes, contaminating freshwater sources. In traditional agricultural production, artificial irrigation and fertilization are often used, and most of them work separately. Manual irrigation and fertilization are not only labor-intensive, but also difficult to accurately control the amount of irrigation and fertilization, which may cause excessive or insufficient fertilization, thereby affecting the growth of crops. Meanwhile, for most of the fertilizers used by people are solid fertilizers, whether they are organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers in existing water or fertilizer integrated irrigation device, fertilizer deposits are likely to be formed in fertilizer applicator due to the uneven size of solid fertilizers, and fertilizer outlets get jammed as a result. In addition, solid fertilizer dissolves slowly in water, and some undissolved solid fertilizer will deposit in the pipe during the process of being transported to the field through the water and fertilizer pipe, thereby blocking the pipe and causing poor fertilization effect. In this regard, an anti-clogging water and fertilizer integrated irrigation device is just the ticket to solve the problems in the above-mentioned irrigation and fertilization, and by adding automatic control functions, it can reduce labor intensity and complexity of technical operations. Therefore, introducing innovation and technology in agriculture offers farmers more sustainable ways to provide sufficient water to plants. Mr. Mao Libin, CTO of Xinjiang Poly Xingnong Biological Co., Ltd., is a keen advocate of innovative agricultural technology and invented “Prevent Automatic Control Liquid Manure Integration Irrigation Equipment of Jam”, a patent registered with certificate from National Intellectual Property Administration in 2022.

Under Mr. Mao Libin’s agricultural technology, the entire fertilization device — “Prevent Automatic Control Liquid Manure Integration Irrigation Equipment of Jam” is regulated by an automatic control system. The system starts to regulate the fertilizer spreader after collecting fertilization information, and agitator the water volume controller of the water inlet pipe. When the fertilization operation is finished and the entire system is shut down by the controller, the setting of the lower cone in the water and fertilizer dissolving barrel will completely discharge water and fertilizer solution which is transported to the field through the water and fertilizer pipeline, without causing the residue of the water and fertilizer solution in the barrel.

After launching into the market, the patented product — “Prevent Automatic Control Liquid Manure Integration Irrigation Equipment of Jam” invented by Ms. MAO, has been widely used not only in China, but also in countries of Southeast Asia, especially in areas with low levels of agricultural automation.

As an expert in agricultural technology with innovative solution, Mr. Mao Libin goes all the lengths boosting the agricultural industry in China and Southeast Asia, having water usage reduced by up to 50%, crop quality improved and agricultural automation level brought up here. His great contribution to the development of world agriculture presents itself.

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