Introducing the D-Books Series for Adult Dyslexia Sufferers and Lapsed Readers.

April 10 18:12 2023

Reading Books Adds Several Years to Life-Expectancy.

Recent research has established that the neuro-protective effect of reading books regularly, adds several years to average life span.

This benefit is unavailable to people who do not read books.

Millions of people around the world never read books, and many of these people suffer in silence from dyslexia.

“One in ten to twenty” people in society suffer from teen or adult dyslexia.

The term “Reading Stutter” was coined to help in the self-diagnosis of dyslexia.

By providing a dyslexia-friendly reading environment, The D-Book Series facilitates the concept of “fluency training for reading”.

Like many other activities with an “athletic profile”, the neuroscience of reading can be sub-divided into a set of “reading reflexes”, which need to be regularly reinforced in order to develop and maintain a fluent reading style. 

The process of maintaining a fluent reading style as part of “neuro-cognitive fitness”, preserves the higher functions of the human brain, which in turn contributes to a longer life-span.

Using the intellectually challenging text of world-class literature, the D-Book Publishing Format provides a dyslexia-friendly reading environment for teens and older adults, which is tailored to the development and reinforcement of a fluent reading style.

A major difficulty incurred by non-fluent readers, is a tendency to wipe out mid-sentence, and to have to then hunt backwards through a multi-sentence paragraph, in order to find the beginning of the offending sentence.

Invariably, the beginning of the wrong sentence is selected, and the entire reading experience soon becomes an incoherent and frustrating experience.

By using a single sentence paragraph structure throughout, the D-Book Series removes a significant obstacle to the development of a fluent reading ability, and combines this with the unique editorial skills of a “dyslexic eye”.

The D-Books Series facilitates access to the neuro-protective benefits of reading books, and makes this available to adult populations of dyslexia sufferers and lapsed readers, who are currently excluded from the life-expectancy benefits of regularly reading and re-reading world class books. 

Gaining additional years of productive life through a process as accessible and entertaining as regularly reading books, is a positive health news story of importance to parents, teachers, senior care nursing professionals, teaching professionals and public health personnel.

Reading a book on a sunny day, stores the sunshine as well as the book” (Wilde-Confucian)

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