Three minutes to understand META FAMA, blockchain DeFi dark horse project true to its name

April 04 06:41 2023

In the era of crypto digital asset economy, how to reduce the risk of capital trust, improve capital security, transparency, high returns, and effective prevention of failures and attacks has become a key concern for investors worldwide. How to quickly find a secure, transparent, commission-free, and automatically executed smart contract program is a question many interested parties are confused about.

Recently, according to the data of major digital currency platforms, META FAMA project has been exceptionally active recently, the circle of friends is on fire, it has got the angel round of 2 million USD financing, it will attract users from more than 20 countries around the world to join, each META FAMA member creates their own highly profitable and risk-free online cryptocurrency money making business! Even newly registered members can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few weeks or even days! META FAMA is safe and reliable, decentralized, transparent and open, no commission and other messages once set off a new wave of digital cryptocurrency participation in Defi, smart contract field.

META FAMA is the first decentralized three-factor resonance-based community, with decentralized finance, NFT and SocialFi as the nucleus, constructing a “three-dimensional integrated” Meta Fama super ecology, breaking the barriers of crypto industry chain and realizing the integration of blockchain industry chain.

META FAMA has a dual system of Pilot and Backwave, decentralized and centralized platform operation mode, no owner or management, each participating user is a joint shareholder, the mechanism is unique in the world, completely written in smart contracts, running on the blockchain, data is open and transparent, non-tamperable. 100% decentralized features, so that all users are equal, everyone has the same 100% opportunity to create profit.

META FAMA is a global decentralized community and the first fully autonomous network platform in history for instant reward distribution based on BSC blockchain smart contracts.

META FAMA is open to everyone in the world, it is easy to join and does not require anything other than a laptop or a smartphone with internet connection. The platform allows members to activate the Pilot system in order to invite partners via personal links and receive USDT cryptocurrency rewards.

Rewards from partners are transferred to personal wallets immediately, so there are no timeouts or withdrawal periods. There is also no limit to the amount of rewards an individual member can receive, and the outcome depends entirely on the member’s activity.


META FAMA is the first fully decentralized marketing mechanism on the whole network, running on a smart contract on the BSC smart chain, so it is absolutely secure and stable and cannot be shut down or stopped or changed in any way by anyone, as there is no central authority controlling it. Smart contracts are self-executing algorithms that were once designed and deployed by a group of crypto enthusiasts and cannot be changed or shut down, all thanks to the power of blockchain technology. In addition, decentralization brings complete transparency as all transactions are public and can be viewed online through the blockchain browser.


META FAMA smart contract code is nothing more than an algorithm that handles rewards to partners in a three-factor matrix structure and does not store any money itself. It is an automatically executed software algorithm that performs the function of distributing partner rewards among platform members while complying with specific conditions (three-factor marketing plan). The source code of the smart contract is publicly available.

Zero Human Factor

There are no people or administrators in META FAMA. It is different from all other platforms because all interactions are handled by smart contracts on the blockchain and cannot be changed or stopped by anyone, even the creator. All transfers go directly to the member’s personal wallet without any hidden commissions. This ensures that every reward earned is fully owned and can be used as soon as it reaches the wallet.

Meta Fama has an exclusive R&D team, constantly developing and applying for relevant blockchain technology patents, constantly completing technology iterations and upgrades, and always taking the lead in the technical level to ensure users get the best experience when participating in operational business. So, it is never too late to start using META FAMA! With its equalization algorithm, decentralized pilot and backwave dual system features, even newly registered members can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few weeks or even days!

The era of crypto digital asset economy has opened, join Meta Fama, keep up with the craze of the times and become a gold-digging front wave!

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