Money and Math Contest to Celebrate the National Financial Literacy Month in April

April 04 03:41 2023

When your kids go on Easter egg hunt, you encourage them to put as many eggs as they can into their baskets. But when it comes to money, you want to teach them the opposite: don’t put all the eggs in one basket!

Common sayings like this offer great opportunities for kids and teenagers to learn about money in real-world contexts. Now, they may even help your student win some money!

This April, in celebration of the National Financial Literacy Month, Achievement One LLC, whose flagship product suite is Book Smart, Money Smart™, is running a contest for students in Grade 5 through Grade 11 to write about their experience with a common saying related to money. Four winners, two from the group for Grade 5-8 and two from the group for Grade 9-11, will each win $150 or $100.

And there is a twist! Achievement One developed Book Smart, Money Smart™ based on the principle that math is essential for financial literacy education. As in their products, they are integrating math in this contest. When students pick a money-related saying to write a short essay about their experience, they will also need to demonstrate how math is involved.

Why is math being required in the contest entry? According to a published study by Harvard Business School called “High School Curriculum and Financial Outcomes: The Impact of Mandated Personal Finance and Mathematics Courses”, good financial behaviors can be taught, but “not via traditional personal finance courses”. Instead, focusing on math skills is essential: “additional mathematics training” can facilitate “greater financial market participation, greater investment income and better credit management”.

This scientific finding inspired Achievement One to integrate math skills and personal finance topics systematically into one framework. Based on the framework, they have created educational products for different grade levels: Grade 5-6, Grade 7-8 and high school. Their mission is to help students to become book smart and money smart at the same time!

Now, they are applying the same philosophy in this contest for the National Financial Literacy Month. The contest ends on April 30, 2023, and winners will be announced in late May.

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