Tina Turn Up – The Passionate Soul On A Mission To Get To The Forefront Of The Global Music Industry

March 31 10:05 2023
Tina Turn Up - The Passionate Soul On A Mission To Get To The Forefront Of The Global Music Industry

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Tina Turnup is one passionate soul who has made it to the forefront of the global music industry. She has left an inspirational trail for all budding artists to follow inevitable success in the music field.

Tina Turn Up developed a knack for writing, vocalizing, and singing to her favorite music in her younger days. Once she understood how overwhelming she felt with music around, her sense of self and character became clearer than ever to her. “Being around music all day felt like therapy. It helped me feel alive. It brought me closer to who I am as a person. And, that’s when I knew what my purpose was, to spread music that relieved my listeners from the burdens of life,” says the popular Spotify music artist making it big in the music industry.

During her younger days, Tina Turn Up left no page unturned. She went to music school to pursue her passion for music. She played violin and enhanced her vocal skills. But the complexity of it all did not meet her expectations, and she stopped attending the lessons. When she was 10 years old, she always looked forward to joining the school chorus group but she was rejected twice. Despite the consistent demotivation, she knew her abilities and potential. “I was very young and innocent so I didn’t know the possibilities life could offer. But now when I look at this experience, I am firm on the belief that it is one of my biggest motivations to get better at vocals and rap skills,” adds the skillful and brilliant artist.

When Tina Turn Up moved to the United States as a teenager, she had her family living in Chicago, Illinois. She resided with her uncle, aunt, and two of her cousins for the coming months. At the time, the survival struggle and aspirations to make it large motivated her to keep going. She not only worked as an Amazon driver during that time but also as a host in a popular Mexican Restaurant in the city.

In the coming days, life got a lot easier for her. She ensured she had it all covered for herself until she met her boyfriend in Florida. She was visiting her sister for her spring break and things spiced up between them. She moved to Bloomington Indiana with him. Two years down the line, they decided to move to South California together to grow weed. Two years later, they decided to part ways, and that is when Tina Turn Up moved to Florida. To start her single life and chase her dreams of becoming a successful model and building a career in music.

“These next five years are crucial in my career. I see myself rising to the top of the music industry. I aspire to become financially stable by building massive sources of wealth,” finished the first-rate artist.

Tina Turn Up’s intentions in the music world are to bring on self-projection, self-worth, happiness, and good energy. She aims to accomplish this along with a new era of non-judgment, power, and representation of a hardworking woman. With the idea of turning her projects into reality one way or another through trusting God, her potential, and discipline. Check out her Instagram account to learn more about her sensual music.

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