William Goldstein Releases Second Book: The Dark Art of Sales

March 31 05:05 2023

Atlanta, GA – The Dark Art of Selling: Influence and Persuasion sets itself apart from every other guide to the sales profession. It’s a no holds barred exposé into the secret tactics and methods used by the top sales professionals to generate income. The ability to sell its product or service is what grows any company and author William Goldstein is no rookie when it comes to growing successful businesses.

William Goldstein is a leader in the nurse staffing industry. He has rapidly grown NurseShifts.com and StaffHealth.com to be leaders in the field, securing qualified RNs, nursing assistants, and Home Healthcare Aids for needed positions. He sells not only his staffing services to prospective employers, but the idea of a better career to healthcare professionals looking for work.

Before establishing these Alpharetta-based companies, William Goldstein was CEO of PhysicianJobs.com. He founded Nationwide Medical Services in Norfolk, VA in 1992, which would rapidly earn the title of the fastest growing company in the medical staffing sector. Nationwide’s revenues rose more than three hundred percent annually in each of its first six years in business. That takes incredible effort, or does it? When Nationwide consolidated with the firm Jackson & Coker, in 1997, to form J&C Nationwide, the best known name in the industry, he credited the incredible growth to one thing: his ability to sell an idea. It was the same thing when he took OneTravel Holdings OneTravel Holdings and made it one of the largest leisure tour and travel operators in the United States, with brands such as 1800CHEAPSEATS and SunTrips. Over and over again, William Goldstein has proven his ability to sell anything at a rate that exceeds expectations. Now, in The Art of Sales he reveals all.

Asked why he would give away the secret to his success, William Goldstein had this to say, “I want everyone to be successful in business. Strong negotiating starts from an understanding of the sales process.”

About the Author:

William Goldstein leads StaffHealth, one of the country’s fastest growing health staffing companies. In his first book, How To Focus he discusses ways to accomplish more.

In The Dark Art of Sales: Influence and Persuasion he writes about how to sell more. Both books are  available for sale through major bookstores and from Amazon.com.

contact William Goldstein at williamgoldstein.press.

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