Risen Energy’s Modules with High Strength Alloy Steel Frame Have Passed the Wind Tunnel Test

March 29 13:46 2023

March 28, 2023 – Recently, Risen Energy announced that the modules with high strength alloy steel frame have passed the wind tunnel test, a test conducted by Beijing CGC Certification Center.

In addition, deviations, or exclusions from the test standard is as follows:

Blocking rate is deviated from JGJ-T-338-201, and the blocking rate of test system is >5%.

Testing time is deviated from JGJ-T-338-201, and testing time is 180s.

Test wind speed is deviated from JGJ-T-338-201. The test started from wind level 18, and testing after the wind-tunnel is stabilized.

So far, the highest wind scale is level 17, and the wind speed higher than 61.2m/s are called by wind scale level 18.

The test conditions are:

Test section size (width x height x length) is 3m x 3m x 15m.

The module area is 3.10㎡.

The angle of installation is 30°.

Ac (Cross sectional area of testing part) is 9㎡; Am (Cross sectional projection of test module) System is 3.60㎡; η (Blockage ratio) = Am/Ac System is 39.6%; ε (Dynamic pressure stability coefficient) ≤0.3%. ΔV/V (Turbulivity)≤0.5%; |dp/dx| (Axial static pressure gradient)<0.0005/m; Δα&Δβ (Point deflection Angle) ≤±0.5°.

4 columns are fixed on the ground, 2 beams are connected to 4 columns, 3 oblique beams are fixed on 2 beams, 2 modules are fixed in parallel with briquettes, and the center of the briquettes is 37cm to the upper and lower edges of the modules.

Under 1312 lux illuminance, the visual inspection after the wind-tunnel test showed that the modules have no visual defects.

According to the sixth assessment report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global warming caused an increase of extreme weather and climate events. Solar power stations are used outdoor and affected by extreme weather such as strong wind, rainstorm, snowstorm, etc. There is therefore imperative to improve the modules’ ability to adapt to climate change. The good performance of the products in the wind-tunnel test demonstrated that Risen Energy’s modules with high strength alloy steel frame are excellent in terms of high reliability, mass production and system applicability.

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