Indian Visa Online makes getting Indian eVisa easy and efficient for US and Australian citizens.

March 24 18:09 2023

Now it is  easier and more efficient for travelers who wish to travel to India for the purpose of practicing Yoga through an individual or institute,travelers should apply for Indian Visa Online for Tourist purposes.

US citizens and Australians who wish to travel to India for the purpose of practicing Yoga will now be eligible for an e-Visa under the category of ‘Yoga’.

To apply for an Indian Visa for Yoga, foreign nationals must have a valid passport, a return ticket or onward journey ticket, and proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay in India. The e-Visa will be valid for a maximum of 60 days and will be a double-entry visa.

The validity of Indian visa for United States Citizens and Indian Visa for Austrakians has been extended from 10 years to 15 years. This will make it easier for travelers to plan multiple visits to India and explore the diverse culture and heritage of the country.Australians are allowed to enter India for a number of purposes.There are mainly four types of online electronic Indian Visa for Australian citizens (eVisa India) available which are:

  • Indian Tourist Visa

  • Indian Business Visa

  • Indian Medical Visa

  • Indian Medical Attendant Visa

Also,there are situations where foreign nationals need to travel to India urgently for emergency reasons such as medical treatment, business meetings, or family emergencies. To cater to such situations, the Embassy of India offers an Urgent Emergency Visa service.

Things to be taken care of: How to apply for an Urgent Emergency Visa, is that a foreign national must provide proof of the emergency, such as a medical certificate, a letter from the company, or a death certificate. The visa application can be submitted at the Embassy of India or the Consulate General of India in the respective country.Travelers should  apply for an Urgent Emergency Visa only in genuine emergency situations.

The e-Visa facility is a step towards achieving this goal and is expected to increase tourism and business travel to India.

For more information on how to apply for an Indian e-Visa for Yoga or a tourist visa, please visit the website.

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