DreamBooks Media Professionals Selects Heartwarming Book “The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” for Film Adaptation Project

March 23 15:49 2023
DreamBooks Media Professionals selects “The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” for a film adaptation project, a heartwarming book written by Bobbi Menlove about a 4-year-old girl and her beloved stuffed animal.

DreamBooks Media Professionals, a company that specializes in presenting diverse stories to film companies, has selected “The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” for their next film adaptation project. This heartwarming book, written by Bobbi Menlove, has captured the attention of DreamBooks Media Professionals, who are excited to bring Annalise and Buster’s daily adventures to life on the big screen.

“The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” is a charming book that follows the daily adventures of a 4-year-old girl named Annalise and her beloved stuffed animal, Buster. Through the eyes of Annalise, readers experience visits to the zoo, shopping with her mommy, interactions with family members, and more. Buster comes to life in Annalise’s imagination as they embark on each adventure with a lust for life that only a child can possess.

Author Bobbi Menlove drew inspiration from her experiences working as a domestic violence advocate and with children of special needs. She got the idea for “The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” while babysitting her granddaughter and realized that children have a less jaded and more welcoming view of life’s hiccups. Annalise herself wrote the very first storyline, “The Zoo,” which Ms.Menlove took as inspiration to write the rest of the book based on Annalise’s interactions with the world around her.

“We are thrilled to have selected ‘The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster’ for our next film adaptation project,” said a spokesperson for DreamBooks Media Professionals. “This book is a heartwarming reminder of the innocence and beauty of childhood, and we believe that it will make a wonderful film that will inspire audiences of all ages.”

Bobbi Menlove expressed her excitement about the film adaptation, saying, “I am overjoyed that ‘The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster’ has been chosen for a film adaptation project. I wrote this book as a reminder of childhood’s beauty and children’s limitless imagination. I can’t wait to see Annalise and Buster’s adventures come to life on the big screen.”

DreamBooks Media Professionals perform quarterly submissions in various genres required by small, big, or medium-sized film companies. Their “The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” selection for a film adaptation project speaks to the book’s heartwarming story, relatable characters, and universal themes.

The film adaptation of “The Daily Adventures of Annalise and Buster” is in the pre-production stage, and further details about the project will be announced in due course. The book is available for purchase on Creative Bookstore, BookBaby, and other major booksellers.

Book Video Trailer is now available on Youtube. 


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