Ready-To-Go 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kits Are Available at Amerigo Scientific

February 27 18:06 2023
Amerigo Scientific announced the release of 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kits that help researchers set up 3-D cellular environments by implementing a cell suspension and crosslinker to the thiol-reactive polymer.

New York, USA – February 27, 2023 – Amerigo Scientific, a distribution company focused on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science communities, announced to release of 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kits for 3-dimensional cultivation of various cell types, spheroids, tissue samples, and others requiring a cell-adhesive and cell-degradable matrix, advancing cell growth and differentiation utilizing the 2.4 mL 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel.

To boost the success rate of drug discovery, three-dimensional (3D) cell culture technologies that more accurately mimic in vivo cellular environments are now being pursued with intensity as they are expected to accommodate better precision in drug discovery. Therefore, Amerigo Scientific and Cellendes achieved mutual agreement on the 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel kits to further facilitate novel drug R&D.

The Business Development Manager at Amerigo Scientific said, “Our 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kits allow you to design and control cellular environments in the 3-D culture at your fingertips. They are rapid, versatile, and easy to use. From drug development to biomedical engineering, we have a toolbox of reagents that help you build capabilities to deliver strategies and initiatives in your drug discovery, biomedicals, and other life science research.”

Amerigo Scientific’s 3-D Life ToGro Hydrogel Kit contains reagents for the preparation of hydrogels with a low stiffness (400 Pa; shear modulus) and an RGD Peptide concentration of 0.4 mmol/L. The gel layer is formed by crosslinking modified dextran carrying the cell adhesion motif RGD (RGD-Dextran) with CD-Link. When the two reagents are combined, thiol groups on CD-Link form stable thioether bonds with thiol-reactive groups on RGD-Dextran, resulting in gel formation within 20 min. 3-D Life ToGro hydrogels are decomposed by the addition of dextranase, which allows recovery of chemically fixed or live cells for post-culture analyses (e.g., RT-PCR) or further cultivation.

About Amerigo Scientific

Amerigo Scientific is a distribution company that focuses on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities. Cellendes is a spinoff company that continuously expands its 3-D Life product line to provide innovative and increasingly comprehensive technology for a broad range of applications in 3D cell culture. The two companies have recently joined efforts to explore and expand the use of 3-D life technology in complex cell-based assays and tissue models for drug screening as well as in biomedical engineering.

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