DOC Social Finance Meta Universe Builds Social Consensus, Promotes Empowering Finance, Enables Interest Finance to Help Consensus Value Unlimited

November 29 07:40 2022

Warm congratulations to DOC and Blackstone Fund’s formal signing of strategic cooperation.

DOC aims to build a social metaverse based integration of social + Blockchain game + Blockchain + Metaverse + Decentralized Finance. DOC aims to serve the DOC community and global blockchain users, allowing people to have a good experience of DOC, a new generation of blockchain technology, and various decentralized applications (DAPPs) based on DOC. And we expect to popularize blockchain technology to more traditional Internet fields and let more users feel the charm of it through DOC, realizing our mission to become a powerful force in global business and provide a reliable, transparent and decentralized metaverse ecology for all users worldwide. 

Based on blockchain technology and digital technology, DOC integrates social + financial dual-attribute metaverse economic model, breaking the global social information barrier, and realizing the value exchange system that empowers global financial institutions, financial talents, and financial transactions. DOC subverts traditional social, leads the blockchain new financial economic ecological model, and creates the first token in metaverse, set to premier in global.

Senior Strategic Partner Blackstone Group:

Blackstone Group, headquartered in New York, is the largest listed investment management company in the United States, and is also a world-renowned top investment company. Founded by Peter G. Peterson and Steve Schwarzman in 1985, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on June 22, 2007. Blackstone, commonly referred to as “Heishi” in Chinese or “Baishitong,” is one of the world’s largest private equity funds.

Blackstone is a leading global provider of alternative asset management and financial advisory services. Its asset management businesses include corporate private equity, real estate investment funds, hedge portfolio funds, mezzanine funds, senior funds, proprietary hedge funds and closed-end funds. Blackstone fund also provides a variety of financial advisory services, including M&A advisory, restructuring and reorganization advisory, and fund raising services.

Human Resources: Blackstone group currently has 57 managing directors and about 340 other investment communities and advisory professionals with diverse professional backgrounds in investment banking, financing, private equity and real estate.

Asset size: As at 1 May 2007, Blackstone’s assets under management amounted to around US $88.4 billion, well above US $14.1 billion as at 31 December 2001, with an average annual growth rate of 41.1%.

Looking back at the past 2021, it was a high spike from high set year for Blackstone. In addition to record inflows, it deployed $144.4 billion in external investment over the past year, compared with $65.8 billion in external investment in the fourth quarter. It is worth noting that its unused capital is $147.7 billion by the end of 2020 and will remain at $135.8 billion by the end of 2021, which shows that the global private equity giant has plenty of “ammunition”.

And the company also said it expects to achieve its goal of over $1 trillion in assets under management by 2023, well ahead of its previously announced goal of 2026. This means that the first trillion dollar PE is expected to be born this year!

And this time, DOC and Blackstone reached a strategic agreement. Sharing the trillion dollar blue ocean market of the new financial social metaverse market once again shows that Blackstone Fund is far-sighted, has keen market insight and business sense and is determined to incubate DOC. Put forward the first concept of social finance in the metaverse field, while gradually pooling global traffic through the ecology, breaking the social barriers, completing the information channel and promoting the rapid development of metaverse finance.In the early stage of development, DOC focused on the social interest of finance, promoting the social financial entry mechanism, perfecting the financial transaction arbitrage model, realizing the meaning of social finance.

Although it reshapes the social system, but strictly speaking, the real goal of DOC is finance, because social is the entrance to build metaverse ecology, finance is the core of DOC metaverse. DOC will reshape finance in the metaverse, in the complete financial system, from the storage of funds, the circulation of funds, the use of funds, the value of funds, etc. will be reshaped once through metaverse digital currency. DOC builds financial attributes in this dimensional universe system, and its main direction revolves around three dimensions: storage, investment, and trading. That is to say, DOC in the next financial scenario, will be fully professional to serve all participants.

DOC’s circulation value ecological fusion is the main channel of DOC social finance. And the social system with finance as a carrier can quickly integrate the digital currency holders of each platform. DOC in the circulation system to create the mechanism of ecological circulation of all coins, to achieve DOC strong circulation model. In the future, DOC will be used as the circulation carrier to trigger the trading pairs of DOC and various coins to realize high frequency circulation. In the financial storage attribute of metaverse, DOC is the only storage credential. And all users in the process of storage, DOC will certainly circulate. In the investment property of metaverse, some investment projects will be launched in the way of DOC+U, which on the one hand creates the investment value of DOC itself, and more importantly, realizes the strong circulation of DOC. In the social system, value exchange, reward and shopping all have DOC as token. And it will take an important circulation token role in the construction of the global metaverse social system.

DOC is soaring towards the future.

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