Bare-Metal Giant RedSwitches Announces End-to-End Managed Experience for All Users

November 29 01:16 2022
RedSwitches, the #1 Managed Bare-Metal Cloud provider, has announced a new service add-on that delivers a complete managed hosting experience without additional costs.

RedSwitches, the Bare-Metal Cloud hosting giant, announced the introduction of a new service add-on that will completely revolutionize how businesses use bare-metal cloud, traditionally known as Dedicated Servers, for their business operations. This one-of-its-kind service ensures companies can leverage bare-metal cloud’s full potential without worrying about escalating costs and management hassles. It is a perfect fit for Startups & SMBs that prefer dedicated bare-metal cloud because of its price point and additional security.

The Challenge of Server Management

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, are moving towards hybrid setups based on bare-metal cloud because of its additional benefits like scalability, security, resilience, cost saving & risk management.

The ability to create a customized infrastructure specifically for an application while automating and orchestrating the processes in a single management platform makes the bare-metal cloud a perfect fit for eCommerce, FinTech, AdTech, EdTech, MarTech, and businesses that demand high compute and intensive traffic resources.

However, despite all the advantages and benefits of bare-metal servers, support still remains a critical challenge for its users. From the moment the users deploy their servers, they need to invest an incredible amount of time and revenue to ensure 100% uptime & security.

Talking about this issue, Ashok Pal, VP of Customer Relations at RedSwitches, says, “Finding quick and reliable support is still a challenge for many bare-metal hosting users. This is a severe issue because hosting is a critical component of the service delivery pipeline. Any hiccup at this level will disrupt the entire client-facing frontend, backend, and internal operations. This server management and support uncertainty is unsuitable for 24×7 online businesses like SaaS or eCommerce.”

A similar “lack” of support is commonly observed across the entire hosting industry, especially the bare-metal. Even when users opt for popular public cloud providers, they must rely on a third-party support partner that keeps the infrastructure running smoothly. As a result, businesses end up paying more than they budgeted for their IT infrastructure.

RedSwitches Offers “100% Managed” Bare-Metal Hosting Solutions

Being a prominent player in the industry and recognizing the pain point of the customers, RedSwitches has launched a unique managed bare-metal hosting experience that comes with comprehensive support as part of the basic server costs. As a result, RedSwitches users will now get a complete end-to-end server management experience included with the cloud infrastructure. This is a game-changer in the rapidly expanding bare-metal hosting industry because it takes away the server management and monitoring worries from the users.

“We see support as a critical aspect of the RedSwitches experience. We understand that many businesses, particularly Startups & SMBs, don’t have the time and resources to manage their infrastructure. As a result, if hiccups are encountered or businesses need modification to their servers, users must wait hours for the upgrade. You can imagine the impact of these interruptions on service delivery and customer experience. Our Fully Managed bare-metal hosting solutions add a unique value proposition to these businesses because our clients don’t have to wait hours to fix things on their servers. We see this service add-on as a huge win-win situation for our customers,” says Glenn Gonsalves, CEO of RedSwitches. He adds that the 100% managed solution aims to ensure businesses have complete peace of mind when hosting their apps on RedSwitches’ Bare-Metal Cloud Infrastructure.

Investing More In Omni-Channel Support

RedSwitches is already gearing up to invest in improving its customer support operations. This plan involves two interconnected projects.

The first is to onboard additional engineering and customer service resources which will enable RedSwitches to deliver a consistent 100% managed hosting experience and cover 24×7 support across the globe.

The second and equally important aspect of this add-on is Omni-Channel customer support. Now, customers can contact RedSwitches Support through all the popular modes: tickets, email, live chat, phone, social media, etc., enabling support at their fingertips.

With 100% Managed Solutions, RedSwitches is poised to solve the most critical challenge faced by businesses hosted on bare-metal cloud or planning to move to the bare-metal cloud.

Customers can expect quality support in a record average turnaround time of 20 minutes without additional costs.

About RedSwitches

RedSwitches is a customer-first global bare-metal cloud provider specializing in managed high-compute, bandwidth-intensive, and storage-optimized solutions built explicitly for Startups, SMBs & Enterprises.

The company caters to popular industries including but not limited to SaaS, eCommerce, FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, VPN, CDN, Crypto Hosting, IPTV & Gaming. It offers private cloud services across 20+ global locations over four different continents.

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