Anson Lim, Branding and Digital Marketing Expert, Reveals How to Become a Tier Above the Rest Through the Power of Branding and Digital Marketing

November 14 23:30 2022

Anson Lim is an experienced branding and digital marketing expert who prides himself in his ability to establish a powerful brand for his clients. He collaborates with his clients to strengthen and value-add to their marketing efforts, creating unique selling points differentiating them from their competitors in the industry. Through the design of effective campaigns, his clients excel and their brand gains more traction, allowing sales to increase exponentially. Significant sales growth can be attributed to two main factors; firstly, the improvement of his client’s brand identity and secondly, through engagement of Anson’s digital marketing expertise.

As almost every businesses’ first point of contact with its potential customers are through the internet, Anson highlights the importance of branding and marketing within the digital space. The internet is highly accessed everyday and everyone reads and digests information from the internet. To place the importance of digital presence into perspective, amongst the world’s population of 7.67 billion people more than 4.7 billion of them now use social media, and there are more than 2.9 billion active users monthly on Facebook alone (Source: This signifies that more than half of the world’s population use social media and at least one-third of the world’s population utilises facebook, hence, it is imperative for businesses to embody a digital presence in order to increase their brand awareness.

“With branding and digital presence, prospects will find you for business instead of you trying to find them. Just imagine that for a second. Wouldn’t that be the best case scenario?”

He also emphasized that presenting a powerful digital branding creates awareness among the public and a well-presented brand invokes trust in prospects, which is extremely critical in the success of every business. Anson enriches his clients by assisting them in achieving their business goals and creating an influential presence in their respective industry.

Anson envisions growth in his client’s business through the designing of a brand of credibility, progress, and success. He emphasizes on the importance of business branding as the top priority as he believes that a strong and credible brand lays the foundation for significant breakthrough within any industry. However, not all businesses share his sentiments and to a business that is profit-oriented, this strategic value may seem trivial and easily overlooked.

“Given a choice if money is not an issue, everyone will go for the branded product as compared to a product with none.”

Anson firmly believes that developing the right mindset toward business branding leads to eventual success. This is illustrated in the accomplishment of the world’s biggest brands who used decades to construct their successful brands. Similarly to some businesses, he once believed that profitability is of the highest order in a business, however, he soon learnt that this is not the case as a business with profitable products, but lacking good branding will not sustain. He learnt a valuable lesson that creating an influential, trustworthy brand ensures the survival of all businesses as credibility speaks for itself, securing the continuous influx of potential customers.

Through Anson’s passionate and proven methods, his clients who engage in his services can depend upon him to scale their businesses and develop their own influential brands.

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