Healing from the Past – Cristina Dam’s Newly Released Book Offers Effective Tools for Happiness and Success

August 15 11:56 2022

Waitsfield, Vermont, USA – August 15, 2022 – World-renowned hypnotherapist and author Cristina Dam has now released her latest book, Liberate Yourself! How to Accept Your Past, Let Go of Judgment, and Live the Life of Your Dreams. This new book is Cristina’s magnum opus as it contains some of the most effective tools and techniques that she has mastered over the years. These tools can help readers overcome past traumas, let go of their limiting beliefs, and discover new possibilities for the future.

Liberate Yourself is a highly comprehensive book that makes growth and transformation an easily achievable goal for readers from all walks of life. By nudging readers to identify their core issues, the book helps them understand how those issues were created, and how they impact one’s perception of the world. Initiating healing and transformation from within, the book assists readers to understand fundamental brain processes in order to enhance their grasp on consciousness, which sets them up for success in all fields of life. Cristina’s work utilizes highly effective techniques that make breakthroughs possible for people who may be struggling with negative thoughts or may be creating a negative self-image. Each chapter of the book focuses on a specific facet of personal transformation, while several chapters finish with exercises to help readers relax and gain mental clarity.

Cristina Dam is a hypnotherapist, counselor, NLP trainer and motivator who has proactively helped thousands of people over the years. Her main focus is to put people on the right path towards transformation, thus helping them become their best selves. In addition to numerous one-on-one sessions, Cristina has also created healing centers where people can come together and take part in things that truly nurture their happiness and growth. She is also a therapist and an addiction treatment specialist, which makes her work even more important for the betterment of society.

With two master’s degrees in educational foundations and psychology, Cristina specializes in an array of effective healing therapies. She is the founder of the biggest spiritual center in Los Angeles known as Liberate Yourself. She constantly creates and takes part in projects that help spread her healing techniques to a large audience across the country and the world.

Cristina Dam is available for interviews.

Liberate Yourself! How to Accept Your Past, Let Go of Judgment, and Live the Life of Your Dreams is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B763YQH7

About Cristina Dam: https://liberateyourself.com/about

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