Yiyuan, Zibo: The Cherry Road to Wealth

June 20 16:01 2022

With a good spring day, the “Roof of Shandong” cherry in Yanya Town, Yiyuan County, Zibo City is available on the market. Recently, fruit farmer Yang Guangfeng is managing cherries in greenhouses. The tall cherry trees are luxuriant and lush. Among the green leaves, clusters of big red cherries are crystal clear.

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According to the introduction, the special geographical location and excellent ecological environment of Yanya cherry producing area in Yiyuan County, Zibo City make it combine the advantages of domestic and foreign cherries. They not only have large fruit, beautiful color, rich pulp juice, good taste and high hardness, but also are green, pollution-free, safe and secure, with extremely high nutritional value, and are favored by the fruit market and consumers. In recent years, Yiyuan Cherry has been recognized as a “pollution-free cherry” by relevant state departments, approved and registered as a trademark of Chinese national geography, and awarded the title of “China Famous Fruit” by China Fruit Circulation Association.

At present, in the peak harvest season, 200 greenhouses in Yanya Town, with a total of about 600 mu of greenhouse cherries, are coming into mature market one after another. This year, due to the epidemic impact, the local party committee and government introduced e-commerce and express delivery companies, which solved the sales problem of big cherries and ensured that fruit farmers had a good harvest. At present, the sales of big cherries have expanded to more than 20 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Xinjiang and Liaoning.

Yanzhen has held China Yiyuan Cherry E-commerce Brand Promotion Fair and Yiyuan Cherry E-commerce Festival for 14 consecutive years, and has contacted many well-known domestic e-commerce companies, providing opportunities for cherry to reach the outside world. With the rise of a number of e-commerce companies such as Jiyouxian and Jinguoyu in Zibo, online sales have gradually become an important sales channel for big cherry. Last year, the online sales volume of big cherry in Yanya Town exceeded 6 million jin, with a transaction volume of 120 million yuan.

Under the premise of prevention and control of epidemic situation, Yanya Town has further expanded the sales channels of big cherries by holding activities such as picking tours. There are more than 80 picking gardens and more than 30 farmhouses in Yanya Town. By holding cherry blossom festival and cherry picking festival, tourists are ushered in, and the comprehensive tourism income is more than 8 million yuan.

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