New Online Remote Notary Platform Launched by Blue Notary

June 18 03:47 2022
Blue Notary, an Online Platform is Set to Launch a New Online Notary Platform to Ease the Process of Notarization of Documents while Ensuring Security, Simplicity, and Speed.

Blue Notary, a United States-based online platform is delighted to announce today, that anyone looking to safely notarize a document online can comfortably rely on its new online remote notary platform to competently and effectively get the job done.

Blue Notary insists that its team of 100% certified and trained professional notaries are fully knowledgable and experienced to guide clients through the notarization process and ensure that the notarization of documents is meticulously and efficiently done in less than 10 ten minutes.

“Blue Notary is a dead-simple platform for online notarization. Using technology to make notary faster, smarter, and more efficient. Our mission is to offer a platform that is super easy to use while offering best-in-class value and a smarter solution for getting documents notarized.”

The certified online notary platform maintains that it operates with bank-grade security with the latest identity verification analysis which provides a completely secure notarization process for all documents. The notary platform is said to be equipped with secure end-to-end encryption which guarantees the safekeeping of stored documents on the online platform.

Blue Notary insists that its online platform is a smarter way to have documents notarized. The platform asserts that its new online platform effectively minimizes time spent on searching for physical notary offices.

“BlueNotary is your secret weapon for quickly and securely notarizing all your documents online. No more searching for ‘notary public near me.’ Why drive around looking for a notary? Get it done online.”

Blue Notary affirms that its platform is legal to notarize documents in all 50 states in the US. it maintains that all notaries on the Blue Notary platform are certified and fully commissioned in their respective states, and they utilize two-point identification which incorporates knowledge-based identification with live credential evaluation.

The online platform adds that it accepts the notarization of any digitized document that is in PDF format and is in accordance with each state’s law permissions for remote online notarization. It further adds that the platform accepts payment from all major credit cards.

Anyone in the United States that is interested in getting a document notarized in the most secure, fast, and stress-free way, can simply contact Blue Notary to get the best deal and enjoy premium customer service.

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