Creative Biolabs: Showcase at the BIO International Convention 2022

June 08 20:11 2022
Creative Biolabs will exhibit at the upcoming BIO International Convention 2022 (Booth #1754) in June and is calling on scientists from biotechnologies and pharmaceutical industries to participate in the largest networking affair ever.

New York, USA – June 8, 2022 – 2022 brought in-person events back to the stage, which have received unprecedented popularity in the entire science & technology industry, surpassing what had been achieved prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Creative Biolabs, a CRO company diving into innovative solutions for antibody discovery, is among the groups to participate in international conferences and seek partnership opportunities, whose forthcoming exhibition takes place at the BIO International Convention in San Diego, June 13 to June 16.

“We’d like to extend an invitation to researchers working in relevant fields to come that week,” said a scientist from Creative Biolabs, “not only because it symbolizes the rejuvenation of BIO’s face-to-face event, but more importantly, it provides a great networking platform.”

Creative Biolabs’ specialties related to antibody development involve antibody sequencing, phage display, and so on.

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Phage display is Creative Biolabs’ forte, thanks to years of arduous exploration and practical experience gained in the process. Taking advantage of the classic phage technology, specialists can establish phage libraries with a capacity reaching over ten to the power of twelve while maintaining affinity as much as ten to the power of minus nine.

De novo sequencing, it should be noted, achieves 100% accurate antibody sequence information with the help of proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, and precisely differentiates leucine and isoleucine. The applicable items of the de novo antibody sequencing service in addition to conventional antibodies range from V, J, and C segments, CDR3 region, fluorochrome mAbs, IgMs, to other non-standard antibodies.

Aside from the above-listed solutions, Creative Biolabs’ areas include cell therapies, vaccines, and miscellaneous biological products, and continue to expand.

“We look forward to meeting with our old friends to talk about how we can give a hand to their ongoing project and also getting acquainted with new faces that might need a partner to advance their new drug discovery jointly.”

Since its establishment, Creative Biolabs has adhered to the notion that research never stops, which is the driving force behind consecutive breakthroughs in science and medical areas in human history. Networking events like the BIO2022 bring great opportunities for scientists to share the latest breakthroughs. Learn more about the BIO International Convention and book a meeting with Creative Biolabs at


Creative Biolabs is a CRO dedicated to innovative solutions for drug development, with specialties in antibody discovery, cell therapy discovery, as well as other immunotherapy subjects. In 2022, a group of scientific delegates will exhibit at multiple global conferences whose subjects are related to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields to showcase Creative Biolabs’ capabilities and explore partnerships.

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