10 Tips for An Exciting RV Traveling

April 19 15:21 2022

There is nothing more exciting than packing up the RV and hitting the wide-open road. Whether the destination is nestled in the mountains, on expansive desert plains, or alongside a river’s edge, spending time with friends or family in nature is healing for the soul.

So, to ensure every RV adventure, be it big or small, goes off without a hitch, Black Series has ten handy tips to share!

Tip #1: Be a Savvy Packer

While some RVs like the Black Series HQ21 offer a spacious interior, campers should still limit how much they pack to take on the trip. A smart option is to check the weather forecast and select the necessary clothing instead of taking some of this or that “in case” it rains or is cold. Another great idea is to limit each passenger to a single luggage item; that way, everyone knows how much they can take. Additionally, this lightens the load on the RV, making it safer to travel, and it prevents a cramped cabin. And remember, with an RV, it’s easy to wash and re-wear clothing too.

Tip #2: Consider Stocking the Cooler

When traveling off-grid with a Black Series RV, it is worth considering the food taken along. While staying in a campground often means there is a shop nearby to go to, living off-grid provides a different situation. So, consider how much food is needed by counting the number of people and days meals should be prepped for. Because Black Series RVs come with a freezer fridge, stocking up for a few days is relatively simple. And remember to pack snacks and bottled water for hikes too. When packing other groceries, removing excess packaging like cereal boxes makes it easy to fit in more.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is imperative for a fun, relaxed trip. Adventurers with a sound plan can focus on having fun without stressing about where they’re going or what route to take. This also helps prevent taking long detours to avoid roadworks. In addition, downloading the necessary maps or using the right tech like a GPS makes navigating simpler.

Further, using features like park apps will help travelers stay on course and highlight what time park gates close or where to get more fuel. These apps also help point out exciting sightseeing options and places to discover.

Tip #4: Be Prepared to do Some Troubleshooting

While it would be nice if every trip ran smoothly, sometimes things crop up and are unavoidable. For instance, there may be a roadblock or roadworks that require a detour, or perhaps the car ends up with a flat tire. Therefore, ensure that the necessary maps, tools, and spares find their way onto the RV before taking the trip. Additionally, a first aid kit, emergency flares, and a tire repair kit are worth having too. Being prepared for any mishaps will ensure a smooth and hassle-free adventure.

Tip #5: Skip the Campgrounds and Get Closer to Nature

Although most typical travel trailers require users to stick to tarred roads and campgrounds, a Black Series RV makes it easy for adventurers to head off the beaten track. Additionally, an overland trailer like the HQ21 lets campers live off the grid for extended periods.

What this means is that travelers can go boondocking and set up camp just about anywhere. As a result, it becomes easier to experience nature at its finest and enjoy the tranquility of living in the wilderness. It also means no noisy campsites or neighbors blocking the spectacular views nature offers. While boondocking may seem daunting at first, it quickly becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

Tip #6: Record Adventures and Travels

Keeping a record of the trip is a great way to save memories that families can enjoy in the future. Documenting fun stops, hikes, sites, and fun moments is the ideal way to revisit the adventure even after it’s over. Taking photographs or video clips with a GoPro are just two ways to capture these special moments. But remember, bringing along chargers, extra batteries, storage cards, and the relevant cables is a must.

Tip #7: Plan Fun Entertainment

When taking a road trip, especially with children, planning entertainment is a must. Of course, this prevents boredom, but it is a great way to make fun memories too. For instance, soccer balls, fishing rods, or frisbees are great ways to enjoy time outdoors. However, packing board games, a few exciting DVDs, and a good book help entertain at night or on rainy days.

Tip #8: Plot a Memory Map

Besides using a GPS to track the journey, use an actual map and create a holiday keepsake. Plot out the route on the map by tracing it with a sharpie. Then, collect small items that the kids can glue onto the map to highlight each stop along the way. For example, a pressed flower from a park seen along the way or a bottle top from a diner. After the trip, the map can be framed or added to a scrapbook as a fun memory map.

Tip #9: Have New Experiences

While taking a road trip is the ideal opportunity to kick back and relax, it also provides chances to try new things. Whether visiting a new place, trying a different activity like a tree-top hike or ziplining, or even tasting local foods, there is always something unique to experience. Doing something out of the ordinary is a great way to make memories and add some spice to a road trip.

Tip #10: Travel with Black Series

Heading off on an adventure in a Black Series off road camper trailer makes it easy to reach new places, see new sites, and escape the crowds. By offering impressive off-road capabilities and extended off grid living, these travel trailers and the fun into road trip adventures. Go anywhere with a Black Series offroad trailer without compromising comfort and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

To find out more, visit www.blackseries.net

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