Houston, TX Based The Corporate Legal Ltd. Co. is popular for its High-Quality, Reliable and Transparent online LLC formation services

January 17 22:02 2022
Houston, TX Based The Corporate Legal Ltd. Co. is popular for its High-Quality, Reliable and Transparent online LLC formation services
The Corporate Legal Ltd. Co. is dedicated to providing professional services with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, which is second to none.

Houston, TX, USA – The Corporate Legal Ltd. Co., based out of Houston, TX, has established itself as a leading online LLC formation company that specializes in providing a host of services to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start their LLC and business online. As a top-rated LLC services company, they are popular with their clients due to their personalized, customer-centric approach and transparent pricing. In the post-pandemic world, with increase in the launch of new businesses, the demand for LLC services is expected to grow at a phenomenal pace. The Corporate Legal is well-positioned to play a significant role in meeting this growing demand.

“Finding the best LLC service to help compile and file the documents necessary to form a new limited liability company can be nearly as overwhelming as figuring out how to do it yourself. While there are benefits to doing it yourself, finding a trustworthy LLC service to help has its advantages, too,” says Jesse, Partner and Co-founder of The Corporate Legal. “As part of our service, our team ensures all the necessary paperwork is checked for completion by someone who understands the process before it is submitted. This is extremely important considering improperly filed or incomplete paperwork may invalidate an LLC formation.”

What differentiates The Corporate Legal from their competition is the fact that they have great upfront pricing and offer forms and expertise based on years of experience handling business formations. The team has designed a user-friendly website that works like a do-it-yourself resource and lays out all the available services and their prices. This makes it easy for the clients review all the options and choose exactly what they need before proceeding, rather than having to discover add-on fees after placing their order.

“I’ve had feedback from loads of clients who went through an online LLC formation website before calling an attorney, and it all boiled down to this: it was hard to know what they needed, and it felt like a bait and switch – websites would lure them in with one low starter rate, then tell them they needed hundreds more in add-ons,” says Ashley Bandara, an Attorney, Partner and Co-founder of The Corporate Legal. “We wanted a place for clients to have a different experience, so we put all our cards on the table from the beginning. We tell clients what’s available and why they might need it and let them decide what’s best for their company from a place of knowledge rather than sales-tactic fear.”

Unlike other formation companies, The Corporate Legal has been built by an attorney, so clients can have peace of mind knowing an actual attorney is helping them behind the scenes – without the law firm price tag.

“We are an attorney started and an attorney run online LLC formation company. So, clients have the added advantage of having an attorney by their side, without the hefty price-tag of an attorney. We make starting your LLC and business simple. In just a few minutes you can have everything done for you. We have upfront pricing and you get to pick exactly what works best for you,” remarks Jesse.

For The Corporate Legal, clients are their top priority. The company is committed to investing in training and updating their knowledge base, so that they can always offer top-class service to their clients. The company proudly adheres to their slogan, “Attorney created. Attorney run. No surprise fees.”

Clients can book their preferred services through the Corporate Legal website.

About The Corporate Legal

The Corporate Legal Ltd. Co. is a leading LLC services company based in Houston, TX. They offer an array of affordable and reliable LLC formation services with transparent pricing. The team has done the hard work of putting everything their clients have needed over the years into this website to make it easy for new clients to, essentially, do it themselves.

For more information and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via their website.

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