NBA Headlines: Stephen Curry Not Really Thinking About Breaking Ray Allen’s Record

December 08 20:29 2021

Stephen Curry is one of the legitimate game changers in the world of basketball. His fearless rainbow arc shooting in irreparable frequencies has customarily made the NBA headlines. Because of his gameplay, viewers now believe that there is more to this sport than the conventional coaching; that one’s passion can topple all the technicalities that basketball has.

Modern basketball era is all about the heart and skill, not to mention, getting things done in a dire way. Sports journalists and experts would like to think that all these factors made Curry very likable and relatable to the viewers — as he’s making the impossible a walk in the park.

And since then, a lot has happened. Curry broke several records in the shooting and field goal attempt aspects of the NBA. And now, he’s likely to outdo Ray Allen’s all-time three-point career record, with him being 15 long range shots shy against one of the best NBA shooters.

As for Curry, he’s not into breaking all-time career records. In an interview, the GSW point guard said that he’s been playing gutsy ever since as it’s his personal strategy to give his team a win, and not for his own gain. Surpassing these types of records is just a result of his playing style, he added.

Even though Curry does not pay much attention to these things, sports enthusiasts and fans acknowledge these game aspects. It’s also how the experts and media observe the changes in sports. With these career records, audiences are more likely to enjoy watching the matches, even admire certain players who possess such stellar skills and qualities.

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