Specializing in Poka-Yoke machines, Mese Makina provides industrial automation solutions

December 02 01:56 2021
Mese Makina provides poka-yoke machines for all industries. The company specializes in providing automation with poka-yoke to the automotive industry. In addition to that, Mese Makina also provides press end product casing.

Turkey – Mese Makina is a company that helps industries in automating some of their routine tasks. These tasks can include packaging, handling equipment, or sorting different items. Mese Makina provides the technique of poka yoke. This technique means “mistake-proofing” in Japanese. By allowing industries to automate some of their tasks with poka-yoke machines, Mese Makina allows them to focus on other important processes.

With the poka yoke integrated case, industries can fully depend on automation solutions. The strategy of poka-yoke makes sure that there is no room for any errors, and no mistakes are made. The strategy is known for its perfect automation and is completely error-free. If for some reason any error does arise, it becomes so obvious that it can be dealt with easily.

Additionally, Mese Makina also provides press end product casing machines. These machines are developed by Mese Makina along with TKG Automotive. The machine automatically fills out the parts coming out of the press into crates. Moreover, these parts are filled in the crates according to the desired quantity. The operator of the machine just needs to put the empty crates and define the quantity. The rest of the process is carried out by the machine to separate the desired items.

One of the spokespeople at Mese Makina said: “Mese Makina started its activities in Bursa in 2009 to share its 30 years of engineering experience with the market. Mese Makina develops in line with the R & D studies and demands of its customers and produces better quality products every day. Our company has made strong references in all sectors, especially in machinery and automotive sector with many projects realized in the last years.

About Mese Makina:

Mese Makina provides industrial automation tools and machines such as poka-yoke to remove human errors. In addition to poka-yoke, the company also provides other industrial machinery like Hydraulic Press, Coil Slicing Machine, Heavy Tonnage Turning Machines, Automatic Crating Machines, Press Workshop Equipment, and more.

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