Aphrodes, the “killer” of facial attractiveness, the “opponent” of hair loss

November 18 20:31 2021

According to surveys, staying up late, drinking, dyeing, and psychological pressure have become the main causes of hair loss among contemporary young people. As a brand that specializes in hair loss prevention, Aphrodes has successively developed shampoos, hair masks and hair boosters for young people, welcoming vitality for young people with hair loss.

Digging deep into the root cause of hair loss, how should Aphrodes deal with it?

Judging from hair loss situation of contemporary young people, we can’t help but wondering: Is hair loss a disease? Why the phenomenon of hair loss become more serious according to the improvement of living standards?

Physiological hair loss is a normal phenomenon that no need to treatment,  can be adjust and improve from diet, change your own toiletries, daily schedule, and makes life more regular so that each functions of body including hair loss, will also be solved.

So how to choose personal care products? As a Korean hair care brand, Aphrodes concentrates on the research and development of anti-hair loss and oil control products, and has received a lot of praise. What is its extraordinary about?

“Market and Consumer” made Aphrodes

Aphrodes, born in a prestigious pharmaceutical in South Korea, is also certified as an anti-hair loss product under Korean FDA, the first anti-hair loss product Aphrodes Shampoo was launched. Because of the safety ingredients and professional production process, pregnant, breastfeeding women, and sensitive skin all can be used, rapidly expanding personal care market.

Affected by the COVID-19, the development of various industries is sluggish. Even so, Aphrodes Shampoo still won the most influential brand in Korea for its excellent product quality. Its not only affirmation by the market, but also from consumers troubled by hair loss have achieved Aphrodes!

Two new products make the brand’s “anti hair loss” position more stable

After shampoo expanded its position in hair care market, Aphrodes successively produced hair mask and hair booster. Aphrodes Hair Mask focuses on repairing damaged hair, suitable for all kinds of perm, dry, oily, and normal scalp.

The emergence of Aphrodes Anti-Loss Hair Booster has solved the fundamental problem of consumers. It is not only alleviating hair loss, but also speeding up metabolism. Meanwhile, it takes into account users’ needs of refreshing, non-greasy, gentle and non-irritating, zero burden, and non-sticky, let consumers cheered!

If you are still worried about hair loss affecting your image, try to know Aphrodes, which will bring you different surprise!

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