MANG Wai Kong: Intelligent Technology Leads the Innovation and Development of the Medical and Health Services

November 12 22:51 2021

Since the “collective explosion” of AI in 2016 in the fields of pattern recognition, natural language understanding technology, expert systems, data mining and other technologies, the three most common technology applications in the market today—computer vision, intelligent speech technology and natural language processing technology has also really matured since then. Various industries are actively introducing these technologies, achieving a significant increase in work efficiency and a significant decrease in human and material costs.

In East and Southeast Asia, as the population ages, the need for healthcare resources for the aging population is becoming more acute. As the middle-aged and elderly suffer from various chronic diseases and the incidence of cancer remains high, the public is becoming more concerned about their health, which has greatly increased the demand for medical services throughout the society. Therefore, solving the shortage of medical resources supply will become the fundamental motive of artificial intelligence for medical development. In the field of medical and health services in Asia, the medical intelligent technology research and development experts represented by MANG Wai Kong applied these technological achievements to the medical industry, which made East Asia and Southeast Asia take the lead in enjoying the advanced and convenient “intelligent medical”.

MANG Wai Kong holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Actuarial Science from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a Master’s Degree in Public Health from The Chinese University of Hong Kong Graduate School, and a MSc in Applied Statistics from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Hong Kong Cancer Registry (HKCaR), Hong Kong Hospital Authority and is a Chartered Statistician (CStat), Royal Statistical Society, UK and an Accredited Statistician (AStat), Statistical Society of Australia. Over the years, he has achieved fruitful achievements in health management, disease statistics and analysis, and intelligent medical and health technology research and development, and is an authoritative expert in the health services management and public health in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. From 2018 to the present, he has developed numerous intelligent technological achievements, which have achieved breakthroughs and innovations in key issues in various aspects such as pathology report data analysis, medical safety supervision, population health assessment and management, and medical information management and query, providing a strong boost to the stable and rapid development of medical and health services in Hong Kong and Asia.

With more than 20 years of experience in public health management and great efforts in actuarial and computer technology, MANG Wai Kong has developed his expertise in the development of intelligent medical technology. Before the development of the above technological achievements, he completed the upgrading of the information technology of the Hong Kong Cancer Registry (HKCaR), using SQL server to manage large data sets, regularly updating the public database, improving the statistical query information system and the reporting mechanism, and providing rich open resources for all communities in Hong Kong. Moreover, he led the team to complete the design, installation and implementation of the center’s internal IT system, which greatly improved the center’s work efficiency.

As a medical expert with a great sense of social responsibility, he hopes to bring out greater value for the benefit of society, and it is an important reason why he devotes more energy to developing intelligent technological achievements. “The number of achievements is not the most important thing,” MANG Wai Kong said, “what really matters is that these technological achievements can really make a difference and make a proper contribution to the industry and society.”

Indeed, those who are familiar with MANG Wai Kong know that he has the purest, most primitive and unadulterated love for his work. “Most of my work involves contact with cancer, epidemics, and neurological diseases, the most common of which are lung, bowel, stomach, and head and neck cancers. I count thousands of patients each year, and every time I see them suffering, I am determined not to let these brave people who are fighting cancer end up leaving us. I have to try my best to do something meaningful,” MANG Wai Kong said.

Since 2018, MANG Wai Kong has developed “Data Analysis and Statistics System for Pathology Reports Based on NLP Technology V1.0”, “Medical Safety Supervision Platform Based on Hybrid Expert System V1.0”, “Population Health Assessment and Management System Based on Dynamic Data Mining V1.0”, and “Medical Information Management and Information Query System Based on Natural Language Pattern Recognition V1.0”. Once these achievements were introduced to the market, they received widespread attention and were widely promoted and applied in a short time, creating significant benefits. Hiroshi Koyama, a leading medical expert in Asia and professor at the Department of Medicine, University of Tokyo, said this about Mr. MANG and his technological achievements: “Mr. MANG has deeply integrated and applied many advanced technologies represented by artificial intelligence in his technological achievements, which have played a strong technical support role in improving the management of medical and public health in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. First, these technological achievements have effectively improved the efficiency of medical institutions, doctors and relevant authorities, reducing unnecessary labor costs; second, these technological achievements are more accurate in predicting disease risks in advance and determining the development trend of major epidemics, avoiding ineffective medical expenditures; finally, they provide convenience for medical treatment, care and disease management, as well as for patients to carry out self-health and disease management with precise tools that extends medical care beyond the hospital and into the home, which is of great significance in relieving medical resource constraints, reducing medical costs, and promoting health for all.”

In the interview, MANG Wai Kong expressed that the praise from his peers will play a great role in motivating and spurring him to meet new challenges and create a new future. In the future, he will make further efforts to always stay at the forefront of the industry development, develop more advanced technological achievements, and make greater contributions to the innovation and development of medical and health services in Asia and the world. 

Reporter: Maggie Fox

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