Creative Biolabs Gamma Delta T Cell Solutions to Empower Cancer Therapy Development

November 10 23:41 2021
Integrated γδ T cell research solutions at Creative Biolabs, a leading biotech company, are prepared to assist researchers in γδ T cell related projects and enhance the development of γδ T cell cancer immunotherapies.

New York, USA – November 10, 2021 – A recently released report indicates that the commercialization market potential of γδ T cell cancer therapy will increase to 4 billion by 2026, which is anticipated to boost and give new dimensions to the immunotherapy market with more than 15 therapies in clinical trials. Creative Biolabs, specialized in studying the role of γδ T cell in the progression of cancer and discovering new γδ T cell based therapies for cancer other immunological disorders, contributes to the development of γδ T cell cancer immunotherapies by providing comprehensive research services to advance pipelines of γδ T cell based cancer therapies developed by pharmaceutical companies.

Gamma delta T cells (γδ T cells), along with alpha beta T cells (aß T cells) and B cells, play an important role in independent tumor cell recognition and fast cytokines and potent cytotoxicity production in response to malignancies. Creative Biolabs can tailor high-quality γδ T cell development services and assign a professional team to develop T cell based cancer immunotherapies for breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, etc. Integrated γδ T cell research services at Creative Biolabs include γδ T cell isolation, activation and expansion, characterization, production, and cell function testing.

The anti-tumor efficacy of γδ T cells heavily relies on the distinctive γδ T cell receptor (γδ TCR) expressed by γδ T cells. γδ TCR consists of two variable peptide chains: γ chain and δ chain, at the top of which the complementarity-determining regions provide a highly variable antigen-binding domain, enabling it to recognize targets or antigens like phosphoantigens, MHC molecules, CD1 family molecules, and soluble proteins. Furthermore, the variability of γδ TCR chains makes huge γδ TCR repertoires, and analysis of special γδ TCR repertoires can help researchers understand the immune system features, the causes, and the progression of diseases.

Confronted with an insufficient characterization of γδ TCR repertoires, Creative Biolabs has established a series of assays for comprehensive analysis of γδ TCR repertoires, including but not limited to:

* Gene expression profiling service
* γδ TCR repertoire analysis using the next-generation sequencing (NGS)
* γδ T cell subsets identification

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Trusted by scientists from all over the world, Creative Biolabs has become a leading life science company that provides complete all-embracing γδ T cell services, covering consultation and project design, product production, and data interpretation, to promote the development of the γδ T cell based therapies.

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