Our Collective Fosters US China Humanitarian Donations to Nepal

July 06 18:17 2021

As the Creator of Our Collective global alliance, Dr. Leong Ying has dedicated his life to humanitarian causes as part of his holistic principles of merging Art, Business and Charity (ABC) into sustainable solutions for Humanity and Nature. Strolling along the sunbaked street in the Midtown East district of Manhattan, where life is almost back to pre-COVID days, he entered The Centrale residential tower. Unlike New Yorkers who have a reputation for being fashionably late, he arrived a good half hour earlier than the scheduled appointment. The meeting he had arranged was to bring together US-China Youth Culture (UCYC) Association and Girija Prasad Koirala (GPK) Foundation. While waiting in the lobby, through coincidence or fate, Leong got to meet two amazing women: Noelle Xie and Joanna Fuentes. The former is the only American Chinese to be knighted by the French government: receiving the Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur (Legion of Honor). Joanna was working behind the service counter, and struck up a casual conversation that led to the discovery of their common humanitarian missions; it turned out that she is the founder of Community Dialogue NYC, a non-profit organization that provides charitable services to the underprivileged local communities in New York City.

Founders of non-profit charities (left to right): Joanna Fuentes (Community Dialogue NYC) and Dr. Leong Ying (KLYSTAR)
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd July 2021)

With the arrival of the delegations from the GPK Foundation, the group is escorted up to the conference room by the UCYC host, where Leong once more reconnected with the famous Noelle who was also an honored guest of the same host. She had brought with her a copy of her recently published book, entitled World Citizen, a collection of photographic memoirs of her amazing life journey from China, Europe, Africa and US. Mediated by the Creator of Our Collective, the Presidents of UCYC Association and GPK Foundation got down to charitable business discussing the logistics of delivering the generous donations of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the citizens of Nepal, which consisted of FDA approved Infra-Red (IR) Digital Thermometers and 20,000 KN95 masks.

Association and Foundation Presidents (left to right): Somnath Ghimire (GPK Foundation) and Li Coffee (UCYC Association) with samples of the donated PPE supplies
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd July 2021)

UCYC is a non-profit association dedicated to fostering good relationship between China and US through education and innovation exchanges. GPK Foundation was founded by Nepalese Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, considered the Father of Nepal. Her daughter, the Honorable Sujata Koirala, former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister is now the Chairwoman of the Foundation, with Somnath Ghimire as the President of the GPK Foundation America chapter.

From left to right: Dr. Leong Ying, Dhruba Kunwar Kshetri, Somnath Ghimire, Li Coffee, Ramchandra Adhikari, and Subarna Lama
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd July 2021)


KLYSTAR – http://www.klystar.com

UCYC Association – https://www.ucycglobal.org

GPK Foundation – https://gpkf.org.np

Community Dialogue NYC – https://www.cdnyc.org


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